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Embrace Back-to-School Self-Care with NAIWBE®

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Get ready for a beautiful school year with NAIWBE®'s ethnic hair and skincare essentials. Share this newsletter with a friend, sister, or brother to both receive a FREE MENA® gift set! Join us in celebrating self-care and community spirit today.

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Pure, Natural Brilliance.

Baby Products

Our range of baby products is thoughtfully crafted with a commitment to providing
gentle and effective care, ensuring a clean start for your baby's precious
moments. We are dedicated to making your baby's skincare routine
safe, simple, and delightful.

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We Believe In Natural Beauty

At NAIWBE, we understand that the skin is the largest organ and the first line of defense. Our products are responsibly sourced and made for all skin types. Say goodbye to dryness and other skin issues like Contact Dermatitis and Eczema, with
NAIWBE Natural As I Wanna Be.

Let Customers Speak

Alicia M.

Smells Amazing, Works Wonders

Organic body care, that smells awesome works well.

Jackie Brown B.

Life-Changing Skincare

I have been using the IDA FACIAL CLEANSER, for a month now and I love it. I have tried a zillion others and finally found the one for MY skin. It no longer feels dry. Thank you Mrs. Sylvia Walker for the products and the conversation at the NEX Jacksonville. I am NAIWBE.....

S. Hightower

Soft, Smooth, Radiant

I've been using NAIWBE for a little over a week and my skin is soft, smooth, and the pigmentation is almost gone. I love this stuff!

Patti W.

Nourishing Natural Elegance

I love this amazing product with natural oils and a refreshing scent. It makes my skin feel healed, nourished and so smooth.

Roger W.

Hand Care Hero

I work in healthcare as a Surgical Technologist. This means I am scrubbing and washing my hands all the time. This can really dry your hands out, but with Mena Body Moisturizer I never have to worry about dry rough hands. Another thing I love about Mena, is that it is not heavy with perfume and doesn't leave my hands oily. Will continue to use daily.

Marques W.

Exceptional Shave Experience

The owner is so nice. I really like the shave cream here and all of the women I have given gifts from here love them! Five stars!

Sheliah B.

Amazing Moisture

I used the Mena Body Moisturizer... There is one word that I use to describe it, AMAZING!

Joanna B.

Love it!!

I really love their skincare products!!!!!

Audrey P.

Expertise and Bliss

I love their moisturizer and the owner is knowledgeable and nice.

K E.

Holistic Self-Care

NAIWBE is truly one of the best ways to care for yourself body mind and spirit.


Baby-Smooth Bliss

My face literally feels like the skin of a newborn!

Jen J.

Fresh, Clear, Soft

My face felt so refreshed and light, the blemishes diminished, and my skin is so soft.

Anna Smith

Hydrating Simplicity

A light moisturizer that penetrates to hydrate and help improve the appearance and balance of the skin. Leaves skin soft and fresh. Lightweight. Leaves skin soft and fresh. Lightweight.