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Dry, Cracked Skin can Spread Germs.

Dry, Cracked Skin can Spread Germs.

People that work in healthcare, salon, food and the bartending industry constantly wash their hands which can potentially lead to dry, cracked skin known clinically as Contact Dermatitis. It is largely from the frequent hand washing required to reduce the spread of germs and prevent infection. Although hand hygiene may not immediately come to mind as an infection-control practice, maintaining healthy hand skin is extremely important. Healthy skin is a barrier to infection, whereas compromised skin is vulnerable to the pathogens prevalent in healthcare facilities. The physical structure of dry, cracked skin makes it easier for pathogenic organisms to take up permanent residence. The skin is the largest organ and first line of defense. Sometimes small thin breaks in the skin that may not be detectable with the naked eye can be an entry point for germs. It is important to use an effective moisturizer that penetrates the skin to help heal the skin.

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