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Should skin care be considered food for your skin?

Should skin care be considered food for your skin?

NAIWBE® believes that skin care products should be considered foods for the skin. Everything that you are prepared to put on your skin, is something that you would be prepared to eat. If you wouldn't eat it, you shouldn't be wearing it. It's not a moral thing, it's a health thing.

The cosmetics industry, has moved so far away from health issues that currently tens of thousands of chemicals are available for cosmetics usage. Few of these chemicals have been evaluated for safety. Many are known to cause serious health hazards.

NAIWBE® products are based on taking the simplest ingredients: plant based oils, hydrosols, botanical extracts, essential oils, lecithin, natural vitamins and minerals, and turning them into luxurious organic skin care products.

The ingredients used, are USDA certified organic (so you know you can eat them), our process is documented, tracked and verified to ensure the highest possible standards for quality organic skin care products. Simply Made Well™.

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