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How to Achieve a Flawless Canvas

How to Achieve a Flawless Canvas

Your Canvas Can Be Flawless

To create a beautiful piece of artwork, you’d likely start on a blank canvas, a clean slate, so to speak. The same can be said for healthy radiant skin. Try to imagine your face as a canvas. Good skincare helps promote glowing skin and a smoother canvas. Before you start your skincare routine, you first want your canvas to be free of dirty oils and other fine dust to prevent them from sinking into the pores. Start with a clean cloth to remove all the dirt first. My personal preference is to use a soft disposable paper towel or an unscented face wipe (be sure to read the ingredients). Our canvas comes in contact with fine dust, exhaust, and many other pollutants daily, especially those of us who live and work in urban areas. These dirty oils remain on the skin's surface and then hold on to the fine dust and will sink into the pores of our canvas to cause troubles such as blackheads and acne. This also allows oxidation to take place faster, causing skin cells to age faster.

Always cleanse your canvas before any makeup application. You need to cleanse away any dirt and debris that resides on the surface of your skin. Your canvas can become a breeding ground for bacteria, so having a clean face and preventing the spread of germs is extremely important. The next important step is to exfoliate. Exfoliating is necessary to remove the build-up of dead skin cells. Exfoliation makes a world of difference when it comes to perfecting your canvas. It helps your canvas look its healthiest and is also a great way to prep your skin for face products. Remember, makeup only accentuates dry canvas in patches, so exfoliating first will give you a smoother surface to work with and make for easier makeup application. Exfoliating regularly also helps prevent acne or blackheads by unblocking pores. Be sure to exfoliate your lips too, especially if you enjoy wearing matte lipstick.  Matte makeup can emphasize a dry canvas. Wash your canvas (makeup) brushes at least 1 time a week because they can harbor bacteria. I usually wash my canvas brushes using a tablespoon of Dawn dish soap mixed with a cup of water. You will help prevent clogged pores by keeping your canvas brushes clean and help create a smoother application of makeup. Keep in mind, that you should limit exfoliation to only 1 or 2 times per week.

You should use an alcohol-free toner if you have dry canvas issues. This step ensures your moisturizer penetrates your canvas better and maximizes its benefits.  Moisturizer is not only necessary to balance your canvas’s pH level, but it helps combat dehydration. Apply a thin coat of moisturizer onto your canvas and neck in an upward motion. Make sure to completely massage into your canvas. It is best to let the moisturizer absorb into your canvas for about ten minutes before applying any makeup products for the best results. This will help control oil production and prevent dehydration as well. A canvas that is properly moisturized looks more radiant and youthful. Simply put, a good-looking canvas equals even better-looking makeup!

Whether you are a free spirit that may not paint on your canvas at all, like to change it up occasionally for a special event, or like to try different kinds of looks, Makeup can help hide a multitude of canvas issues and flaws; it can also accentuate problems if you don’t treat your canvas properly before applying it. The point is you want your canvas to always look its best. You want a look that appears smooth, even, and radiant. Once your canvas is clean and smooth, you want to ensure that it’s hydrated so that your canvas provides the best representation of you.  In closing, let’s continue to work to keep our canvas looking clean, healthy, and radiant.

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