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Keep Skincare Simple

Keep Skincare Simple

Skincare Should Be Simple

I know we all have heard the phrase Keep it simple. The last two years have taken a toll on all of us. causing us to focus more on healthy lifestyle choices centered around health, wellness, and family. I have and will continue to educate you on the importance of healthy skin. The skin is your largest organ and the first line of defense. I think more and more people understand the anti-inflammatory aspect of life and how inflammation triggers problems with our overall health and can cause skin dysfunctions. This indicates people are moving away from certain trends like Retin-A or acid peels. They’re transitioning to a simple skincare routine and lifestyle that’s better for their health and kinder to their skin.

After a few trials and errors, people are starting to realize that less is more when it comes to skincare and that using too many products doesn’t guarantee effective results; it can sometimes even do the opposite. People often buy the latest skin-care products without considering their skin type or concerns, and what their skin needs. Simply keeping your skin hydrated and protected can make a big difference. At NAIWBE we believe that beauty is inside out and outside in. What I mean by that is, that what you put in your body and on your body influences the condition of your skin.  I believe as we move forward there will be extra emphasis on the health of skin with more people embracing the inside outside and outside in approach to skincare. I live by the mantra less is more, and hope that people will start to strip back their routines to just the essentials. I hope to see more bespoke treatment plans to target the individual needs of someone who just wants their skin rejuvenated without all the chemical treatments.

Because of the pandemic, I saw people pulling back from throwing so many actives and products in general at their skin due to lockdown experimentation which often meant sensitized skin and irritated faces. I started to see more targeted but kinder skincare routines. I always tell my customers to think balance and simplicity or treat and repair rather than all guns blazing. While we all love a quick win, it’s the long-term slow and steady investment that works the best. Trust me, like many of you because of my dry skin issues I’ve tried it all. I invested a small fortune in skincare products that didn’t work for me. People are starting to realize that many certified organic, dermatology-tested products can activate cell energy, meaning skin rejuvenation without any damage. Proving there are rejuvenation options for those who want to age gracefully, healthier, and visibly fresher but 100% you.

Our largest organ will continue to be the big focus, with many of us wearing less makeup and therefore becoming more aware of our skin’s condition. Over the last 18 months, people have also started to recognize that our skin is a barometer of internal health and general well-being—a radiant, clear complexion is a strong indication that the body is in a healthy state. I have noticed that people are looking after themselves in different ways, with self-care becoming an ever more important part of our daily routines. In closing, keep it simple, and let’s continue this skincare journey together.

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