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The Importance of Product Hygiene

The Importance of Product Hygiene

Product Hygiene is Crucial

Many of us are starting to realize healthy clean living is more important than success and wealth. What’s the point of having all the success and wealth you dreamed of if you are not around to enjoy it? We greener’s (an old school term) for those of us that have been a part of what is now known as the organic movement for a very long time, value quality, moderation, and integrity with an emphasis on healthy clean living.

We are all becoming more aware of the importance of keeping the products we use on our canvas, clean and safe. I expect product hygiene to become a new area of concern for customers, with savvy skin-care brands moving towards packaging that minimizes the risk of contamination.

From expensive skincare to pricey makeup, it’s a no-brainer most of us want our skincare products to remain in top shape. So, be honest, how often do you check the expiration date on your mascara? The products you put on your canvas—face— must be clean and hygienic. Given makeup is handled so frequently, it is extremely important to keep your products and tools clean. In my opinion, makeup sponges are the most prone to bacteria. So please, use biodegradable sponges. They are very in expensive and come in a pack of 10 to 25. Wash between each use. Use them 1-2 times max then throw them away. Avoid germs in your skincare products by ensuring they are kept clean and stored properly.

Expired skincare products can be a breeding ground for unwanted microbes and can potentially cause skin infections and diseases. Expired products can lose their efficacy or potency, especially if they are regularly exposed to air light as products that are in a jar or non-airtight pump bottle. Generally, it is best to replace skincare or makeup products within 12 months of opening the package or sooner if they are exposed to direct sunlight or in a jar that is kept in a warm, humid environment like your bathroom. I know many of you have heard this before, your bathroom is the worst place to keep your skincare products. Microbes thrive in heat and moisture, making the bathroom an ideal breeding ground for germs.

I keep my skincare products in my kitchen cabinet and refrigerator. The best way to store your skincare products is in a cool, dry area that’s out of direct sunlight. Also, make sure your products are clean and sanitized before putting them away, and make sure the lids are tight and everything is sealed. Do this by cleaning the outside of your products regularly, especially if they travel with you to the gym, beach, or just in your car.  This will stop products from drying out and being ruined, and limit the chance of bacteria being spread.   In addition, clean the surfaces of tabletops and shelves where you store your products. A good rule to follow is to check for the open jar icon on the back of the label.  The number in it will indicate how many months the product can be kept once it is opened. Even the way you use your skincare products is important. You should handle your products in a sanitary manner, meaning always start with dry, clean hands. I always wash my hands before I touch my canvas! Depending on the product, I use a cotton ball or pad to dispense my product if applicable replace the lid promptly and tighten after use to limit air exposure. In closing, let’s continue this healthy skin journey together.

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